Dressed for Battle
Guide to a Christ-Centered Life of Victory
by Lisa Leighton
“Every week we are  shocked  by  news headlines  where children are involved in unspeakable violence. Every  day  our  children
are enticed and  entrapped  by  our   culture and   often  with  lifelong  consequences . To  stand  courageously  and  make  godly
decisions against   peer  pressure,  kids  need roots – roots in God’s Word and in his love, roots  in  Christian  relationships,and
roots in Christ.  “Plant your  roots in  Christ  and  let him be the foundation of your life…and be grateful” (Colossians 2:7).  I would
encourage every  parent   to  use  Lisa’s book,  
Dressed for Battle, with their children to help grow  their  roots  deep  with  Christ
and prepare them for the battle they will face every day.”

Sheryl Steely,
Children’s Minister,
The Woodlands United Methodist Church
Dressed for Battle is a collection  of  precious  eternal  seeds  that  need  to  be  planted  in  every  child’s  soul.  This  is  a  great
resource for parents and  youth  Bible  teachers who  want  to  build  strong  spiritual   foundations  in  their  children’s  lives.   
The poetry that accompanies each Bible verse helps children remember God’s Word and makes learning fun.”

Donald Clark
Houston Area Director of Christian
Educators Association International  
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“Like many of her young readers, I didn’t know Lisa Leighton until she shared Dressed for Battle with me, and I was immediately
taken with her poetic and biblical explanation of the items we’ve been issued with the Ephesians 6 armory  of  God.  In  truth,  we
never take off the helmet of  salvation,  breastplate  of  righteousness,  and  so  on;  in  Christ,  we’re  always  saved  and  always
righteous. But Dressed for Battle is a valuable reminder for young readers to  check  that  they’re  equipped  with  everything  they
need for victorious living, every   day.  Dressed  for Battle   is  more  than a  manual  for  small  spiritual  warriors;  however,  it’s  a
valuable weapon in the armory of parents and teachers in their daily battle to point young minds toward the Christ of the Bible as
their only commander and guide in life.”

Matt Jones
Elder, Cornerstone International,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
“As grandparents, my wife and I were amazed while reading Dressed for Battle! We immediately wanted to order  copies  of  this
powerful children’s book for our nine grandchildren. A book for the entire family, it is a distinct honor for me to highly recommend
each  page of  awesome  power  and challenge  of  understanding  the  armor  of   God.   I  am  sure  it  will bring your family into  
victorious living as you read it together.”

Dr. Gene W. Frank,
Founding Pastor of Church of Living Waters.
Rosenberg, Texas
“I believe any book that can help a child understand the Word of God in a spiritual  setting is  important  to  that  child’s  walk  with
God. Dressed for Battle does that. Read it.”

Pastor Robert Simpson
First Baptist Church of Arcola, Louisiana
© Copyright by Lisa Leighton. All rights reserved.
Lisa Leighton, 2008
ISBN 978-1-60604-033-1
Tate Publishing and Enterprises
Paperback, 32 pages, Illustrated

A responsibility well never regret is teaching children how to trust God and live for Him. This booklet can be an invaluable tool
in that task. Based on the armor of God from Ephesians 6, the book is scriptural and friendly.

The delightful poems help children (and  we  adults)  remember the  spiritual  weapons  God  gives  us  to  live  successfully. I
suggest even singing the poems to kids. They won't mind if you can't carry a tune and are making up the music!

Well written, a lovely book, with interesting illustrations of battle-ready children.

Geni White